Monday, January 11, 2010

Too loud and noisy

It is always too loud and noisy when talking about neighbors. Somehow it happens that young people are destined to live next to those old people who have already had enough of music during their lives and so it is like a poison for them now. They are complaining about music is terrible and about it is too loud and so on and s o forth. Even if you listen for music using headphones they will still hear something and will come to your place to tell you how egoistic you are and about they have a headache and so n on and so forth. It seems like there are spying bugs all around your flat and they can hear even the lowest sound. Besides, they always know for sure what you are doing and when you come home, and they are angry with you about you were too late at home today. It is like your neighbors are people who were told to watch your morality and they do their best. Seems like there are no such people in the world who would be good neighbors and who would let you live just the way you want to live.

They can be of great help

In most cases we are talking about neighbors as about the greatest anomies of us and as about the worst people in this world. Though, we are wrong in this case because frankly speaking they are people that did nothing bad to s, it is just we are expecting them to do something wrong in order we got and argument to weight the fact that there are no good neighbors. But, you know what, there are good neighbors and they are people that will always there in case you need help. They are good neighbors and in case they make too much of noise they never to it on purpose and a single call of yours can stop that noise and they will apologize for it. And in case there is a flood in your apartment or there is something wrong with air-conditioner or something, they will always come to help you n case there is something they can do for you. And you can borrow some sugar from them and ask them to feed your cat while you are away for weekend and they will never refuse you because they are good people and good neighbors.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Social events that bring a neighborhood together

Social events of different nature that are set in the backdrop of a community or neighborhood seek to bring people together. It gives an opportunity for relative strangers to interact and establish a bond or for old friends and neighbors to renew their friendship and reestablish bonds.

These occasions also help people to catch up on news and developments within the community that they might have missed out on. For men it might be a discussion on the latest in golf accessories or the downslide in the economy, the latest gadgets and gizmos available in the market or the hottest cars on the road. Women get to chat each other up and discuss what is in vogue on the fashion front. How much your next door neighbor’s new Persian rug costs or why someone else has chosen to go to Mauritius for their next vacation.

It helps in the spread of gossips and spicy rumors’ that are the quintessential life line of a community. Young people make the best of such occasions to catch the eye of the opposite sex and make friends or to find dating partners. Children invariably enjoy themselves the most and have a ball at any social event or gathering.

Events like marriages, engagement ceremonies, birthday parties or even funerals are hotbeds of social interaction. These interactions in addition to bringing people together also reestablish lines of demarcation among community members and helps sort people by their status level and aids upcoming individuals in the community to realize their rightful place on the community’s social ladder.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Neighbours Population

It is common sense for most of the population, that 3 in the morning is not the time to be starting your circular saw in the backyard. So why is that pesky neighbour insisting on doing just that? Well, unless someone asks that neighbour no one will ever know. So maybe the best approach would be to go and calmly talk to your next door neighbour and explain why you find their behavior disruptive and possibly work out a better way of doing things that might suit both of you. The neighbour may have a perfectly good explanation for what they are doing and it has not occurred to them that they were affecting anyone else.

If a rational discussion does not resolve your issues, than you have the option of recording the time and date of the occurrences of each offense and formally writing a letter to your neighbour listing each offense and detailing the course of your future actions if the situation does not resolve itself. The next step is up to the individual and how far they want to push a situation. One choice would be to find a mediator; the other choice would be to contact the local authorities.

A word of caution is in order here, the authorities will be more responsive if you have tried to do everything you could on your own before involving them and another point is whatever it is you decide to do, you are the one that has to live next to this neighbour for who knows how long. As long as you are comfortable with your decisions and not being deliberately cruel to anyone, it is entirely up to you how to handle that pesky, disruptive neighbour.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Show Business

Millions of boys and girls surely have once in their childhood dreamt of being a star, to perform on the stage for endless crowds of admirers… A pretty promising and challenging perspective, isn’t it? But there is something even more powerful than the burning desire to become famous that prevents most of the happy dreamers from making their uneasy step onto the path leading to the “star track”. It seems to be something less trivial than mere modesty and something more complicated than lack of talent. It seems as though the so-called showbiz in itself is full of hidden agendas…

First of all, one has to break the wall of politeness, the hedge of "I am not sure if I could handle it" and so on. Not many people have the character strong enough to break the “unwritten rules” of the society. Here is where the first half of the dreamers breaks apart with their intention. Secondly, it may turn out to be that the one trying to maintain success in show business demonstrates the lack of either physical or mental abilities, then he or she also steps aside. After that, only the most self-satisfied, self-concerned, talented (or maybe just wealthy) and strong-willed persons stay on the way. After they have achived their success they form a small international lot who tend to lead the fashion in music, art, clothing and outlook.

Nevertheless, all the showbiz stars have to pay the destiny back: their private life is widely discussed, they need to try and avoid scandals, stay away from too easy-going behaviour, they are hardly ever able to escape the press and, moreover, they have to watch carefully who their surroundings are in order to have as less evil tongues as possible because the more splendid the society is the filthier is gossiping…

Have you ever considered the possibility of becoming a star?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dangerous neighborhood

Many of the extraordinary incidents that result in traumas and death of many people are occurred due to negligence and irresponsible actions of one or more persons. Residents of apartment buildings, special attention should be given to neighbors, leading antisocial lifestyle (alcohol, «parasites»). Standard situation: after consumption of large quantities of alcohol man fell asleep with a cigarette, as a result - the fire, which may be affected not only by the owner, but also its neighbors. Non-standard (cheap), heating equipment - another reason why a fire. 
So the neighbors, indeed, may be the cause of many emergencies. With regard to a variety of sensors, the residents themselves do not realize that they need. For example, fire detectors installed in new buildings of modern flats, are often removed by the owners – moved in residents to a new apartment, began to make repairs, and «impede» probe was removed. It also extended a situation where in the general corridor of some of the neighbors’ partition, it is their property. 
But there is the smoke removal system, which could save his life and the lives of its neighbors. Irresponsibility leads people to theft and enforcement of disability fire systems installed in the house. I want to advise people - think about their safety, the safety of people living near you. First of all, start with yourself ». To solve the problem of a troubled neighborhood and could be on its own: the same answer, express brutally and even frighten. Whether or not effective, and the legality of such measures? As far as the law protects the residents of apartment buildings from their dangerous neighbors, these questions we asked the lawyers.